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Wednesday, Dec 02, 2020

Cuban medical team commence duties | BVI now reopening borders with 'greater sense of confidence'

Cuban medical team commence duties | BVI now reopening borders with 'greater sense of confidence'

Premier Andrew Fahie said the British Virgin Islands is more confident in its border reopening efforts now that the Cuban medical brigade has commenced duties at the BVI Health Services Authority.

The 22-member team that comprises internist doctors, intensive care specialist and nurses, emergency response doctors, as well as those trained in infectious diseases, just ended their mandatory 14-day quarantine and all tested negative for COVID-19.

“The team is now going through orientation and will join healthcare professionals at the BVI Health Services Authority to augment medical services and further strengthen the territory’s resolve in the fight against COVID-19,” Fahie said in a media release from the Office of the Premier on Tuesday afternoon, August 11.

He continued: “We anticipate that the addition of the medical professionals to the team will assist the territory in opening up with a greater sense of confidence in the fact that adequate specialised treatment capacity will now be available in the territory.”

The media release did not mention anything about now extending entry into the territory to non-locals.


In the meantime, Premier Fahie described having the Cuban team in the territory is an important milestone.

“We have long been aware that Cuba is a centre for excellence in treating various diseases, and has been a partner to many countries in the region in the area of healthcare. This is indeed a historic moment for the territory as it also provides the opportunity for advanced medical training for the BVI Health Services team. This is an important milestone in the history of the territory, not only in our healthcare but in our capacity building,” he stated.

He also placed expressed his gratitude to Cuba for facilitating the territory’s request for the medical personnel.

The Premier further said the Spanish-speaking nation honoured the request, “in a spirit of humanitarianism and solidarity with the people of the Virgin Islands”.


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