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Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020

Cuban Team Connects! CCT Gifts Sim Cards, Flow Provides Phones & Pre-Paid Services

Cuban Team Connects! CCT Gifts Sim Cards, Flow Provides Phones & Pre-Paid Services

The Cuban doctors have not only received a hero's welcome to the Virgin Islands from the Government, but at least two telecoms providers have sought to connect with the medical brigade here.
CCT provided 22 sim cards for each of the Cuban Medical Professionals on Friday, July 23. That same day, FLOW donated 10 gift bags, each included one mobile phone with a prepaid service.

The Cuban Medical professionals who are currently in the Territory to augment the capacity of the team of Health Care professionals currently at the BVI Health Services Authority, to ensure that the Territory is able to deal with any situation which may occur as Government continues the cautious phased re-opening of our borders in this New Regular of living and working with COVID-19.

The team of 22 Medical Professionals and Nurses include internist doctors, emergency response doctors, intensive care specialist and nurses and those trained in infectious diseases. After completing their 14-days in quarantine, and after their successful COVID-19 testing, the Cuban medical team will join our local medical team to strengthen our resolve in the fight against COVID-19.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Mrs. Nadia James Harris presented on behalf of FLOW to Deputy Premier and Minister for Health and Social Development Honourable Carvin Malone and Junior Minister for Tourism Honourable Sharie de Castro, International Affairs Secretariat Premier’s Office Ms. Najan Christopher, BVI.

CCT's Marketing Manager, Mr. Recaldo Richardson made his donation to a team member of the International Affairs Secretariat Ms. Jehrée Clarke.

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