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Friday, Oct 30, 2020

Culture Week turns 25 | Major activities planned

Culture Week turns 25 | Major activities planned

The British Virgin Islands will be celebrating its 25th annual Culture Week from November 10 to 16. A government-issued press release said the focus would be on the ‘revitalization of the Virgin Islands’ culture’.

“In our current day society where we live among persons from as many as 115 nationalities, the preservation of our culture must be everyone’s business,” Deputy Director for the Department of Culture, Anne Lennard said.

“The transfer of information about our way of life must be passed on to the next generation, and sometimes all it may take is: putting down the cell phone, turning off the TV, putting down that project from work and just speaking with members of your family and friends,” Lennard further said.

She then encouraged members of the public to dress in the territorial wear throughout the week and learn about the BVI’s culture and heritage.

Schedule of events

Lennard explained that the week will kick off with a church service at any church.

“Many Virgin Islanders were raised in the church and are known to be a God-fearing people. This has been our traditional way of life, and given what our Territory has been through over the past few years we have a lot to be thankful for,” she explained.

The full schedule of events is as follows:

Sunday, November 10:

Minister’s Message to officially open Virgin Islands Culture Week.
Sunday worship throughout the Territory encouraged

Monday, November 11:

Feature on ZBVI’s Almanac and General Knowledge Quiz

Tuesday, November 12:

Various Activities at Public and Private Schools
Robinson O’Neal Fair Day,(10 am- 3:00 pm)

Wednesday, November 13:

Leonora Delville Culture Day Fair

Thursday, November 14:

Willard Wheatley Primary School: Cultural Fiesta 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Alexandrina Maduro Primary School
Joyce Samuel Primary School

Friday, November 15:

Department of Culture’s Grand Food Fair, Road Town Festival Grounds from 10:00 am until
Release of Department of Culture’s Newsletter entitled:“ Culturally Yours”
Enid Scatliffe Pre-Primary School Fiesta
Bregado Flax Primary Fair Day/Demonstrations
St. George’s Primary School

Saturday, November 16:

Release of VI Centenarian Mini-documentary
The week will be held under the theme “Revitalizing Virgin Islands Culture as we Celebrate 25 Years”.


Quote of the Day

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