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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Customs seize container of big bikes imported in the BVI

Customs seize container of big bikes imported in the BVI

Her Majesty’s Customs has seized a container of illegal motorbikes that were imported into the territory recently.
Assistant Commissioner of Customs, Tashima Martin said the bikes had engine capacities that were more than 125 cubic centimetres (CC).

Currently, motorcycles with that are more than 125 CCs are restricted and not allowed to be imported or landed into the territory.

Martin, who has responsibility for Assurance and Compliance, said the illicit bikes were detected at the Trader Declaration Unit of Customs.

“That information was then forwarded to the various enforcement teams so that they can do their physical inspection. And upon the inspection, it was revealed that the vehicles/vessels that were being imported were actually restricted and were not allowed to be imported in the territory,” Martin said during a radio interview with ZBVI.

She said the bikes are now in the custody of Customs. The exact number of bikes seized is not clear. It is also unclear what will happen to the seized items.

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