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Friday, Dec 01, 2023

D6 needs better representation — Walwyn

D6 needs better representation — Walwyn

Former Education Minister Myron Walwyn has argued that residents of the Sixth Electoral District need better representation.
Walwyn made the claim during a political launch for the National Democratic Party (NDP) where he was announced as the party’s District 6 candidate for the upcoming general elections.

Walwyn said he was running in the district because he was passionate about it at this point in his life, and wanted to lend his talent and skills to the area that raised him.

Walwyn’s former party colleague, Alvera Maduro-Caines currently represents that district and will be campaigning to retain her seat under the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) banner after crossing the political aisle in 2019.

But Walwyn said the last four years of representation have not been ‘sufficient’ and argued that he can provide a quality of representation that he knows that they’re yearning for.

He further suggested that Maduro-Caines joined a team that was incapable of doing the job properly. “The team that the incumbent joined, is a team that I’m sure we can all look objectively and say that they were not necessarily up to the task at hand,” Walwyn said.

He added: “I am now putting myself forward with a team that I know has the experience, the knowledge, the ideas, a team that can represent this country any place in the world. A team that I know respects me, and respects the people of District 6.”

But he also hinted that his opponent should not be taken lightly given that she is a three-term incumbent.

Walwyn, who previously served as a Territorial At-Large Member in the House of Assembly, further suggested that he has a reduced likelihood of winning by running in a district versus running At-Large as he previously did.

“When you run At-Large, you have four chances to win. You can come first, second, third, fourth — four chances to win. When you run in a district, you have one chance to win. Nobody can come second place in a district. So it says that running in a district, perhaps could be more difficult than it is running At-Large.

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