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David Neal Removed as Immigration Inspector for Leaks

Home Secretary James Cleverly has dismissed David Neal, the immigration inspector, after he leaked reports to the media.
Neal disclosed security lapses in private jet checks to The Daily Mail and unpublished visa concerns to The Times.

This prompted Parliamentary questioning, during which Immigration Minister Tom Pursglove refuted Neal's claim about unchecked high-risk flights. Pursglove emphasized that all passengers are checked, blaming data errors for any misclassification of flight risk level.

Neal, who spoke up due to unpublished reports, emphasized the importance of border security. Meanwhile, the opposition criticized the government for not publishing 15 pending inspection reports, including one on social care industry compliance with immigration rules.

The Liberal Democrats urged immediate publication for scrutinizing government failures. Neal, a former military officer, was near the end of his term. The search for his replacement is underway.

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