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Tuesday, Oct 03, 2023

DEA probing gov’t official? No comment on internal matter, says Gov’s Office

DEA probing gov’t official? No comment on internal matter, says Gov’s Office

Unconfirmed reports reaching BVI News is that the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is currently involved in a matter relating to a senior government official in the BVI.
In an attempt to confirm these reports, BVI News reached out to the Governor’s Office — which authorises DEA operations in the territory — and posed this question:

We’ve received reports that a senior member of the Finance Ministry/Public Service was recently arrested and handed over to the US Drug Enforcement Agency. What can the Governor’s Office tell us about this?

In response, the Governor’s Office told our news centre: “Thanks for your message. The Governor’s Office does not comment on internal personnel matters.”

BVI News also posed the same question to Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley.

He has not responded.

At a press conference last week, media personality Cindy Rosan also asked Premier Wheatley to confirm whether a senior member of the Ministry of Finance was arrested and handed over to the DEA.

But before the Premier could respond, Chief Information Officer Desiree Smith, who was moderating the press conference, shut down the question.

These developments have come at a time when BVI News also received and verified reports that a former Postmaster General was arrested last week on suspicion of theft. The individual is suspected of siphoning money from government’s coffers via the BVI Post.

However, our news centre has not been able to confirm whether this is the same reported case involving the DEA.

Back in April, residents became aware that the DEA had a heavy presence in the BVl after the US law enforcement agency arrested and charged former Premier Andrew Fahie on drug and money laundering charges.

At that time, they indicated via a court affidavit that they were not done with the BVI, as they were still searching for “Government Official 1” — a high-ranking operative alleged to have facilitated the passage of illicit drugs through the territory’s waters.

Government Official 1 was also allegedly described by the former Premier as being controlled by ‘many employers’.

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