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Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021

Despite Bad Rap, Wholesale Probe Not Needed Of RVIPF – Top Cop

Despite Bad Rap, Wholesale Probe Not Needed Of RVIPF – Top Cop

Notwithstanding the police force being tainted by a historical cocaine-related bust last year, new Commissioner of Police Mark Collins said it would not be prudent to investigate every member of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF).
The Commissioner was at the time being grilled by members of the press during a press conference held yesterday, May 25.

“I am not going to commission a wholesale investigation into the police force. If I got allegations of wrongdoings and issues are brought to my attention, I will deal with them most robustly against the code of conduct for the police service,” he replied.

He added, “Let me be clear, I have an organization of about 400 – 500 people; within that organization, there will be people that are doing wrong things and criminal activities, and it would be no different to when I was in my police force in the UK. What I am saying to you very clearly, I will investigate every single allegation that is brought before me; that does not mean I am going to investigate every single officer in the force. It wouldn’t be prudent to do that, it would be not necessary to do that, but I will deal with every allegation that comes before me.”

Commissioner Collins then informed that “You may be aware that a number of officers are suspended at the moment facing court-related activities,” however he did not elaborate.

The drug bust in question involves two members of the RVIPF – Emile Jimenez and Darren Davies.

They are charged along with Liston Davis, Darren’s brother, for their involvement in the $250 million drug seizure last year - the largest bust in BVI's history.

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