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Sunday, Sep 26, 2021

Despite Injuries Two Weeks Prior, Malone Made History For BVI In Tokyo

Despite Injuries Two Weeks Prior, Malone Made History For BVI In Tokyo

The British Virgin Islands’ Long Jump sensation, Chantel Malone said she suffered injuries weeks before she headed to the Olympics in Tokyo.
In a social media post, Malone said despite making it to the finals, she was torn that she was unable to complete the competition.

“I don’t even know how to process my emotions right now! To be grateful and disappointed at the same time is such a confusing battle!”

She continued: “Grateful because I didn’t think I would be healthy enough to compete after what seemed to be back to back setbacks, first my knee, then a strained hamstring two weeks out from the games! It felt like treatments were all I did every day prior to travelling to Tokyo.”

The long jumper said, however, she felt reassured that she was able to compete during her training sessions.

“Even after a shaky start in the qualification rounds… 6.82m was a light in a tunnel that was dim. I’m never one to find excuses! I get it done even if the odds are against me. Today I fell short. If I executed and lost, then I would be ok! But my failure to be able to execute is what I’m disappointed in. Although I made history for my country, I can’t help but feel that ache of a dream/goal unaccomplished,” she further stated.

According to Malone, she is now heading back to the drawing board because “Determined is a word that resonates with me because no matter how many times I fall. I find a way to rise and come back stronger. I will continue to be an inspiration to everyone around me!”

It was the first time the BVI had two finalists in the Olympics.

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