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Sunday, Sep 19, 2021

Digicel announces pay-as-you-go data option

Digicel announces pay-as-you-go data option

Digicel announced today, September 9, 2021, that they are putting customers in control of their digital life by making changes to the customer experience for prepaid data users.
In a press release, the company said Pay-As-You-Go Data refers to paying per MB for data consumed outside of a Digicel Plan or Prime Bundle. With apps becoming a huge part of everyday life, customers can experience accidental data usage from apps running in the background or even something as simple as receiving emails.

Based on customer feedback, Digicel decided to give prepaid users the option of continuing with Pay-As-You-Go Data at the standard rate of $0.33 per MB or choosing to activate a data-packed Prime Bundle for as low as $0.05 per MB. Customers can also opt-out of Pay-As-You-Go Data entirely, but still make phone calls and send SMS texts if they are concerned about background app data usage but are not yet ready to purchase a Digicel Prime Bundle.

Mara Samaniego, Chief Executive Officer of Digicel BVI, said: “We know some customers value the flexibility that Pay-As-You-Go data offers and therefore we will continue to make it available, but it is completely the choice of the customer. This is all about the customer being in control and ensuring that we place their needs at the forefront of all that we do. However, we strongly encourage customers to activate a Digicel Prime Bundle so that they can receive unlimited local text and calls as well as tons of data at the best possible price.”

With the changes to the prepaid data customer journey, Digicel is simply giving customers a better way to enjoy data, since they can now activate a Digicel Prime Bundle and have an abundance of any use data, along with dedicated data for use on any of its 8 apps.

With premium content like EPL or La Liga on SportsMax, Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” on D’Music, and the latest podcast from the “Stock Club” on GoLoud and enhanced messaging and marketplaces on BiP, there are many benefits to being on a Digicel Prime Bundle.

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