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Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021

Dileeni Daniel Selvaratnam sworn in as Governor of Anguilla

Dileeni Daniel Selvaratnam sworn in as Governor of Anguilla

In a virtual ceremony on Monday, January 18, 2021, Dileeni Daniel Selvaratnam was sworn in as Governor of Anguilla.
Although in separate locations, with the Governor in quarantine at the Governor’s residence, the swearing in included Premier Ellis Lorenzo Webster and members of his government at the Premier’s office: Leader of the Opposition Cora Richardson Hodge; Bishop Errol Brooks who delivered a prayer; and Justice Shawn Innocent who administered the reading of the Commission of Appointment and Administration of Oaths.

Cora Richardson Hodge was the first to welcome the new Governor and spoke of the critical role she will play in the island’s development. She mentioned the assistance of the United Kingdom (UK) government in regard to construction on the island following Hurricane Irma, and the level of partnership with the UK government. She congratulated the new Governor and pledged that the opposition will continue to play their role in the future.

Premier Ellis Lorenzo Webster offered his congratulations and spoke of the resilience of the people who are the island’s greatest asset. He spoke of the island’s economy and the assistance of the UK government with the 60 million pounds sterling aid, assistance with testing equipment and the lab at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, and the funding for the unemployment aid. He said that the negative effect of coronavirus COVID-19 has been felt in every home and business in Anguilla and in the government.

Webster outlined the need for good governance, and how it is necessary for Anguilla’s survival. He said that the recent collaboration from the UK and the mutual respect that was created bodes well for the future. He said that the people’s well-being and success is the government’s utmost priority. He welcomed the Governor on behalf of the government and people, saying that he hopes her stay will be warm, friendly and rewarding.

Governor Dileeni Daniel Selvaratnam said it is an honour and privilege to be sworn in as Governor of Anguilla and thanked all for their kind remarks. “I have pledged to serve the people of Anguilla and to work with the elected representatives in support of all areas of the nation’s life,” she said, adding that she will seek to protect the well-being of all Anguillian citizens and advance Anguilla’s economic development for a more stable future.

She noted that 2020 was an unprecedented year, and offered her heartfelt sympathy to all those who have lost loved ones and those that are suffering from financial distress. She said, “Anguilla is a beautiful territory of rich potential. As I take my governorship forward I will seek to serve firmly the interests of Anguilla, committed to governing the island with humility, integrity and compassion. God of life and hope we pray for our island territory and for the guidance of your holy spirit that you will provide wisdom and courage so that we may all work in partnership for the common good. May God bless Anguilla.”

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