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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Distraught mother pleads for help to find missing 20-y-o son

Distraught mother pleads for help to find missing 20-y-o son

Ahelia Turnbull’s voice quavered while she made an impassioned plea to the public to help locate her 20-year-old son Kelvin Turnbull Jr, who has been missing since New Year’s Eve.
Police reports indicate that Turnbull Jr boarded the 36-foot long vessel Avanti Gorda Sound on December 31 along with 22-year-old Korey Prince and the pair have not been seen or heard from since.

Turnbull Jr, a self-employed truck driver, resided in Little Dix Bay and was last seen in Baugher’s Bay. Turnbull Jr’s mother said she is not aware if he and Prince are friends as she had never met him before and her son never mentioned him to her.

His mother said she last spoke to her on December 28, 2021, when she checked in on him.

“I was not here when my son went missing. I was on holiday in the United States and texted him the Tuesday [before his disappearance] just to ask him how he was doing, and he said he was okay,” Mrs Turnbull said.

“I would like to ask for the public’s assistance. If anybody knows anything of where they are at or what happened, I am asking them to reach out to me. They don’t have to identify themselves. I just want to know what happened and where they are. They can call. I am not going to ask any questions about anything that they are involved in. I just want to know where my son is at or if anybody knows what happened to them,” the distraught mother continued.

Mrs Turnbull remembers her son as a fun-loving and introverted person who had a gift for bringing joy to others when he was around.

“My son is a very funny and jovial boy. He likes to make a lot of jokes. He makes people laugh. He doesn’t like a lot of company. He is a very private person. He’s just a person like that. He has very few friends, he does not have a lot of friends,” she shared with BVI News.

Mrs Turnbull said she has been following up constantly with the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) for updates but the news she has received have not been favourable.

“They don’t really have many updates or any knowledge of their whereabouts. They told me they have reached out to all of the neighbouring islands and countries, and nothing has come up about them,” she told our news centre.

Mrs Turnbull is pleading with the public to reach out to her if they have any information on her son’s whereabouts as she just wants to bring her child home.

People with information can reach out to her at (284) 499-8479 or they can contact her husband Kelvin Sr at (284) 499-9432.

The RVIPF is also urging persons with information to contact the Police Intelligence Unit at (284) 368-9339.

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