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Documents Reveal Abraham Lincoln, Joe Biden's 160-Year Old Civil War Connection

Historical records uncovered at the US National Archives show that Abraham Lincoln pardoned Joe Biden's great-great-grandfather, Moses J.
Robinette, following a Civil War altercation on March 21, 1864.

Robinette, a Union Army veterinary surgeon, was involved in a physical conflict with John J. Alexander, which led to Robinette using a pocketknife in self-defense.

Despite his claims of self-defense against a larger aggressor, Robinette was convicted and sentenced to hard labor. However, military officers petitioned for clemency due to the harshness of the sentence, and Lincoln granted the pardon on September 1, 1864.

This connection, reported by the Washington Post, highlights a historic link between the two presidents and adds a new chapter to Biden's family history, underscoring the wealth of untold Civil War narratives.

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