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Thursday, Dec 07, 2023

Dogs euthanised for vicious attacks — RVIPF

Dogs euthanised for vicious attacks — RVIPF

Four dogs found to be perpetrators of attacks on people and livestock in the territory have been put to death.
The Royal Virgin Islands Police (RVIPF) said in a media release yesterday that it ordered that the dogs be euthanised at the weekend.

The quartet of dogs reportedly caused injury to residents and also maimed or killed other animals.

The policed defended its decision to have the dogs euthanised by citing the Dogs (Prevention of Injury to Person, Livestock and Poultry) Act, 2001 which states that ‘officers are in right to destroy, either by shooting or put down in some other manner which will cause as little pain as possible, any dangerous dog’.

In the meantime, the RVIPF reported that, “the latest in a series of dog attacks was on Saturday in Pleasant Valley where a neighbour’s dog entered an adjacent property and bit the foot of a guest of the property owner. The property owner reported that the dog, which is unregistered, had been seen off-leashed in the neighbourhood and had been on his property in the past,” the RVIPF stated.

It added: “The owner of the dog was subsequently reported for having an unregistered dog and warned of prosecution in relation to injuries sustained to the victim. The three other dogs owned by a Sea Cows Bay resident were also unregistered and had, on several occasions, attacked and injured tenants residing on his property in addition killing livestock in the area.”

The Pounds and Livestock Brands Act, 2004 makes provision for any animal found straying in a public place or trespassing on any private land to be captured and impounded.

In the meantime, the decision to have the dogs put down follows a court ruling in which a local dog owner Elmo Connor Jr was ordered to pay $106,931.93 in compensation to woman who was vicious attacked Connor’s four Pit Bull Terriers, while she was pregnant.

It was not explicitly stated whether its was Connor’s four dogs who were euthanised.

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