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Monday, Apr 19, 2021

Don’t be alarmed to see increased presence of armed officers

Don’t be alarmed to see increased presence of armed officers

As investigations continue into the murder of 38-year-old Long Trench resident Deverson Williams, residents are being told to expect an increase in police presence in the territory.
Police Commissioner gave that indication in a radio interview on ZBVI.

He said: “The public can expect to see continued increases of armed officers on the street. Now that is not to alarm the public but is about giving the reassurance that we are out and about and we are ready and capable of taking on that small minority that chooses to use illegal weapons and commit crimes in this territory.”

The top cop also said the police are now following several leads and are getting assistance from CCTV cameras.

He said his officers have already engaged with all of the local businesses in the area and have been locating “any possible cameras that might have captured anything either before, during or after the incident”.

Two persons have already been arrested in connection to Williams’ murder but charges are yet to be laid.

Police reports say Williams was pronounced dead at the scene after sustaining several gunshot wounds while travelling through Fish Bay around 3:45 pm on the day in question.

His vehicle and others nearby also sustained damage. So too was the International Motors building, the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force said.

Police have also seized a live weapon, the commissioner said.

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