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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

'Don’t live your life like a fry in the sea'- Hon Turnbull to young people

'Don’t live your life like a fry in the sea'- Hon Turnbull to young people

Opposition Member Honourable Melvin M. Turnbull (R2) has called on the young people of the Virgin Islands (VI) to lead respectful lives as opposed to one where they are in constant fear of being caught by the police or killed.

In a 1.53 minute-long video released on March 4, 2022, the legislator urged all to choose the type of life they want to live wisely.

“The lives that you choose to live in, you have to always understand that every decision that you make comes with a consequence whether positive or negative and once you are willing to live with those consequences then that’s your decision.”

He added: “Young people I encourage you to choose wisely what you are going to do with your life. A lot of you have children, sons and daughters that look up to you, a lot of you have nieces and nephews and I’m just want to encourage you to choose life over death, choose sometimes the hard way to accomplishing your dreams and your goals. I want you to go that way because when you are done you will be able to say I have been able to accomplish my goals, my dreams and my ideas because I struggled this way, not where you are living your life like a fry in the sea, which is a bait that runs from the birds, runs from the police, runs from the fisherman’s net and runs from the ground sea.”

From left: Locals Le’ Shaughn A. Smith, Jaquan Thomas and Jaimez A.J. Stoutt lost their lives to gun violence within the past three months.

Choose life!

Continuing with his encouraging words, he said youngsters should opt for life and live their lives “respectfully.”

“To all the young persons in this territory, the young professionals, the young aspiring professionals and business people I want you to continue to push for your dreams continue to develop and do not be afraid to challenge any government, any representative or any administration.”

He reminded the youngsters that they have a stake in their country and he will stand with them and behind them pushing them forward to ensure that “this Virgin Islands belongs to you and it is shaped in a way that benefits you.”

His video comes on the heels of the recent gun and drug-related violence and arrests in the territory.


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