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Sunday, Jan 17, 2021

Don’t smuggle people into the BVI, Premier warns

Don’t smuggle people into the BVI, Premier warns

Premier Andrew Fahie is warning residents, particularly those with access to boats, to refrain from smuggling persons into the British Virgin Islands. He said law enforcement agencies are currently working ot heighten their presence around the territory’s so-called porous borders.
Addressing the concerns during a recent media conference, the Premier said: “As we speak, we have other boats that we have access to — both police and Customs — and I can tell everyone that, as we speak, they are getting them in place. So I am asking the people of the Virgin Islands, please don’t do anything illegal. Please do not go out there and smuggle anyone in.”

“Stay away from these illegal activities because the border control is moving in very strong and ‘strong’ might be an understatement,” Fahie further said.

The Premier added that his administration is tightening up several other areas.

“We are beefing up everything we can beef up now … But while we are at it, we know that we have to secure the people in many areas — food security. [We want to] make sure that we let persons know that it is ok to feel concerned, but not alarmed to the point that you feel fear and do the wrong thing,” Fahie said.

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