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Donald Trump Slams Prince Harry, Says He "Betrayed The Queen"

Donald Trump criticized Prince Harry, accusing him of betraying Queen Elizabeth.
Trump stated, "I wouldn't protect him...That's unforgivable," during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. He also suggested that if he were to be re-elected, Prince Harry would not receive his support.

The former president's comments follow discussions about Prince Harry's immigration status, prompted by a right-wing think tank's assertion that Harry's past drug use, claimed in his 2023 memoir 'Spare,' could affect his legal entry into the US.

Despite this claim, attorneys from the Department of Homeland Security explained that his drug admissions could be exaggerated to boost the book's appeal.

The DHS has faced pressure from the Heritage Foundation to release documents related to Prince Harry's immigration due to the public interest. Legal expert John Bardo, however, has defended the prince's right to privacy, emphasizing that immigration statuses are confidential information.

Moreover, Prince Harry once considered US citizenship but hasn't prioritized it. If he applies, he'd need to renounce any royal titles, conforming to US immigration policy that requires the renunciation of foreign titles or nobilities.

Harry currently resides in California with Meghan Markle and their two children.

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