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Wednesday, Nov 29, 2023

Dr. Michael A. Turnbull to be elevated as Sr Pastor @ CGB Baptist Church

Dr. Michael A. Turnbull to be elevated as Sr Pastor @ CGB Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Michael A. Turnbull aka 'Dr Mike' will become the next Senior Pastor of the Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church.
Additionally, his wife, Minister Shondrea N. Turnbull will become the First Lady. The transition has been taking place over the last seven years, a press release from the church noted.

However, the transition became official after Members of the Church unanimously agreed and accepted the transition proposal in their meeting on 2nd November 2022.

According to Reverend Dr. Melvin A. Turnbull, “The year 2022 is a very special and historic movement for CGBBC. Our 2022 theme is elevated, and we continue celebrating 60 years of faithful ministry to God and humanity.

There have been several announcements made throughout the year. There have been several transitioning moments as well, and I am thrilled about this transition as it means that as a church, we continue to grow!”

Senior Pastor Reverend Dr. Melvin A. Turnbull announced the transition of leadership of CGBBC on Sunday, 18th July 2022 to the congregation in the sanctuary and those worshipping online.
Additionally, his wife, Minister Shondrea N. Turnbull will become the First Lady of the church.

Board unanimously approved transition

Following Senior Pastor’s announcement, the Board of Directors of CGBBC unanimously approved the transition in their meeting on 19th October 2022. Then on 29th October 2022, the ordained Ministers of CGBBC unanimously approved the Board’s decision for the transition, which will start in 2023 following his installation.

Senior Pastor took the opportunity to anoint the couple on Wednesday evening and asked God to prosper their steps. He asked them to remain committed to doing what is right. He said, "As a Church, we have committed to cover, love, and support them as they take CGBBC to the next level."

Pastor further encouraged the church, stating, “As the TRANSITION continues, I covet your prayers and support for the family. Your greatest honor to my wife First Lady Minister Marion M. Turnbull and me would be for you to give them as much or even more love and respect as you have given us. Thank you for your overwhelming outpouring of love.”

Dr. Mike’s appointment is April 2023. He currently serves as the Executive Pastor. The public will hear more about the planned official handover ceremony shortly.

Senior Pastor has served as shepherd of CGBBC for 46 years. He has used this God-given platform to give of himself selflessly to the growth and development of thousands of people and the Virgin Islands community. Senior Pastor will become Pastor Emeritus as a part of the transition process.

The year 2022 continues to be an exciting time for board of directors, pastors, ministers, evangelists, deacons, leaders of the different Ministries, other members, family and friends, and alumni of the Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church.

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