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Friday, Oct 23, 2020

Dream Big Group partners with businesses to help struggling families

Dream Big Group partners with businesses to help struggling families

Local youth group the Dream Big Group, in recognising the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on families and lives, have teamed up with a number of businesses and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) to offer some support to the affected.

Mr Stephon D. Mactavious, President of the Dream Big Group, speaking to Virgin Islands News Online (VINO), said his organisation has recognised that, in order to prevail in difficult times, some cohesiveness should exist between the business and general communities.

'We Care BVI Campaign'

He said as such, the ‘We Care BVI Campaign’ was birthed, with the primary objective of garnering support and helping persons in need during this difficult time.

“To this end, our group will be partnering with the volunteer organisations; Family Support Network (FSN) and the BVI Red Cross, in hopes of reaching a larger cross-section of the population. This is a campaign that we are passionate about and hold dear to our heart, especially knowing the tremendous strain these groups are under since the Territory’s first lockdown in March 2020,” the President told VINO.

Mr Mactavious also said there are a few businesses that have already partnered with the organisation, including A Value Supermarket, Manual Reef Supermarket, House of luxury and Bobby's Supermarket.

“There are a few others we are currently working on to get them on board. This isn’t just for business owners though, if you are in a position to bless someone with a grocery voucher feel free to reach out.”

Families forced to make tough decisions

According to Mr Mactavious, unable to meet obligations such as food, rent, electricity and child expense due to layoffs, families and individuals are now forced to choose which expense to address; for example, providing for their families or paying the utilities.

On October 5, 2020, the organisation was able to bless three families with $100 food vouchers each.

Persons and individuals seeking information or to support the cause can contact Mr Mactavious at 442- 0672 or email This assistance can be in the form of a grocery voucher, discount on services or any other means.


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