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Thursday, Aug 18, 2022

Dry air, Sahara dust to restrict rains today May 21, 2022 – DDM

Dry air, Sahara dust to restrict rains today May 21, 2022 – DDM

A very dry and stable airmass, along with the presence of Saharan dust haze in the atmosphere across the area will continue to restrict shower activity in the Virgin Islands today, may 21, 22022, over and around the islands during the next 24 hours.
This is according to the VI department of disaster management (DDM) indicating that the weather for today is Partly sunny and hazy conditions

The weather forecast for tonight is Fair to partly cloudy and hazy conditions with a 20% percent or slight chance of a brief light shower.

Winds: East at 13 to 26 km/h or 8 to 16 mph with lighter spells overnight

Seas: Not exceeding 1.5 meters or 5 feet.

Sunset today: 6:47 pm.

The Department has previously warned that during dust events where concentrations are high, persons are advised to limit dust entering their system as best as possible through the use of masks and protective eyewear and added that any mask that filters small particles should be used, such as Surgical masks, N95, P95 and P99.

The DDM said that remaining hydrated is also important, “Using fresh aloe gel, mixed with fresh citrus juice provides for a great dust remedy. The anti-inflammatory agents can soothe irritation in the throat and nose, especially if you’ve been coughing.”

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