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Monday, Nov 23, 2020

Early UK elections will impact BVI & OTs - Claude O. Skelton-Cline

Insinuating that the United Kingdom (UK) may be unstable over its frequent change of leadership over the past years, ZBVI 780am "Honestly Speaking' radio host, Mr. Claude O. Skelton-Cline says the UK heading to early polls should be of concern to the Virgin Islands and other Overseas Territories (OTs).

December Elections

UK Press reported that MPs voted on Tuesday night October 29, 2019, to finally resolve their Brexit deadlock by calling a General Election, setting the stage for a December 12, 2019 contest.

The polling date also marks the fourth time in less than five years that Brits will move to get a new Prime Minister-this latest poll-one that could be the most unpredictable in a generation.

"In any other country, they would call this an unstable country where you can have that level of change in leadership all of this over the issue of BREXIT," Skelton-Cline said on the Tuesday, October 29, 2019, edition of his radio show.

"In the last two, three years... we've gone from David Cameron to Theresa May to Boris Johnson and then God knows to who else, come December 12," he told his listening audience.


One interesting statistic is that Britain hasn't held an election in the month of December since 1923 and, according to CNN, Brexit has turned into a tussle for the soul of the country.

The main parties all have drastically different proposals on the matter; the Conservatives will tout Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson's deal with the EU and claim they can get Brexit "done," while Labour will negotiate a softer Brexit, before giving the public the final say in a second referendum.

According to Skelton-Cline, "Of course we ought to pay attention to this because this impacts us as an OT territory, the issue of immigration and trade and movement across the globe... we need to pay attention to this as it happens in the UK," he said.

Further, a pre-Christmas polling date is set to present a number of unique challenges such as the elections dampening the 'Christmas Spirit'. Parties will also face a psychological challenge of getting UK voters excited enough to vote at a time when festivities is the major focus.


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