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Sunday, Sep 19, 2021

East End Man Charged With $25M Cocaine Bust

East End Man Charged With $25M Cocaine Bust

An East End man was recently charged with the $25 million cocaine bust that occurred in January this year in the Brandywine Bay area on Tortola.

A Police press release issued earlier today, July 22, indicates that Shaun Massicott, 28, is the second man to be charged in relations to the drug bust.

Massicot was charged for possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply and being concerned with the supply of a controlled drug.
"He appeared before the Magistrate's Court on Friday and was offered bail," the release informed.

The first individual to be charged with the crime was Devon Bedford of Harrigan Estate. He was initially denied bail by the magistrate's court, but high court judge Darshan Ramdhani overruled the decision on February 19 and offered him $200,000 bail with conditions.


Crown Counsel Kristian Johnson told the court that on January 19, 2021, police officers were conducting mobile patrol in Brandywine at about 4 am.

While there, they noticed a white go-fast boat heading to a dock situated nearby, while at the same time, two vehicles – a white rental jeep and a red Suzuki Grand Vitara – were seen heading to the same area.

The court heard that the officers, using their night vision goggles, observed that the vehicles parked in the vicinity of the same dock and they were observed to be offloading some items from the boat.

The police then gave chase and, during that time, saw someone exit the red Suzuki and entered another car that was parked near a bar along the way.

As they approached, the white rental jeep sped past, and the chase continued and ended sometime later when the police cornered the car, blocking its path.

However, Bedford sprinted away towards the bushes and escaped, leaving the vehicle unattended in the road, but not before the officers were able to positively identify him as he made good his escape on foot.

In the meantime, the abandoned vehicle was searched, and the quantity of cocaine was found inside.

Keys were also found belonging to Belford's girlfriend's house and vehicle. Bedford was arrested on January 28, 2021, but made no reply when he was cautioned.

During an audio-video interview, Bedford denied knowing of the drugs or who they belonged to. He was later charged and hauled before the court for the offences.


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