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Friday, Dec 04, 2020

Education Ministry Probe

Education Ministry Probe

The Ministry of Education and Culture is currently investigating the alleged incident where a teacher forced a primary school student to wash their mouth with a detergent.
In a statement issued on Wednesday afternoon, January 29, the Ministry said that the matter is being taken seriously .

“The Ministry of Education and Culture wishes to advise that it is aware of the allegations concerning a teacher, which is currently being circulated via social media and that this matter is being taken very seriously,” the ministry said in the statement .

It added , “The health and safety of our teachers and students remain a top priority and therefore all necessary measures are being adopted to investigate this matter promptly.”

Information is that a teacher at the Ivan Dawson Primary School in Cane Garden Bay , recently forced a student to gargle Pine-Sol as a form of punishment. It is unclear what wrong the child committed in school that resulted in the act.

BVI Platinum News understands that the teacher at the center of the allegations has since been sent on leave .

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