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Elected parties locked in talks about coalition

Elected parties locked in talks about coalition

Members of the four political organisations that will make up the next House of Assembly have been locked in discussions about forming a coalition since the last evening when the results of the general elections was announced.
The previously governing Virgin Islands Party (VIP) landed six of 13 seats, the National Democratic Party (NDP) won three, the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) won three, and Julian Fraser of Progressives United won the remaining seat.

A party needs a majority seven seats to form the government so the groups are now discussing the way forward.

A post-election statement from the PVIM on Tuesday said: “We have met with all elected persons and groups, namely Progressives United, the National Democratic Party and the Virgin Islands Party, to decide the next step as we seek to form a government in the best interest of the aspirations of the people of the Virgin Islands.”

The PVIM added that they left their offices and groups at 4 am this morning, April 25 with an intention to reconvene at 8 am.

“Rest assured that we will not compromise our principles and values of integrity,” the PVIM added.

The NDP also issued a statement confirming that they have been having meetings with different political groups “to seek out the best opportunities to forge an alliance with other elected representatives.”

The NDP described the process as “extremely delicate” and said it requires careful thought, deep consideration and decision-making.

“Ultimately, any progress hangs on achieving and important balance that would require compromise,” the NDP stated.

The VIP also noted that it was in talks the the other political organisations and promised to give an update in short order.

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