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Friday, Dec 01, 2023

Elon Musk's Twitter Limit and the Future of Social Media Monetization

Elon Musk's Twitter Limit and the Future of Social Media Monetization

Elon Musk has implemented a daily limit on the number of tweets that users can see on Twitter.
This move is part of a long-term strategy to decrease the platform's reliance on advertising revenue and to generate alternative revenue streams.

Musk believes that advertisers hold too much power over social media companies and wants Twitter to make money from the vast amount of data it holds.

By restricting usage, Musk is trying to prevent data from being pulled into large language models and to negotiate with AI companies to get paid for the content that they take.

The move has baffled advertising executives and could be an attempt to get users to pay for Twitter in the future.

Elon Musk has hired Linda Yaccarino, a former advertising executive, as Twitter's CEO.

She has grandiose ideas for monetizing the platform, including full-screen video ads and recruiting more celebrities.

However, her job may be difficult due to restrictions on Twitter's feed, which could limit the number of eyeballs on posts and interest from advertisers.

Mark Zuckerberg is launching a Twitter clone called Threads this summer, which is unlikely to have restrictions on its feed.

Musk is successful in business but has a genuine gripe about AI companies using their data without permission.

This weekend's events are perplexing and have left many scratching their heads.

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