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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Emotional testimony from Passion’s family as trial continues

Emotional testimony from Passion’s family as trial continues

The High Court yesterday heard moving testimonies from family members of murder victim Trumayne ‘Passion’ Daway as they recounted the last moments spent before his ultimate demise on February 27, 2018.

The first person to take the stand was his younger brother Anthony ‘Fruit’ Daway. Anthony told the court he and his brother were always referred to as Passion Fruit.

Fruit told the court the last time he saw his brother was at home, hours before he was killed. He said he was scurrying about as if he was going somewhere to meet someone. Anthony said that was the last time he saw his brother alive.

Anthony said his then-girlfriend woke him and told him his brother had died and he immediately went online trying to see if anyone posted ‘Rest in Peace Passion’. Anthony said the following morning, he and his former girlfriend went to the murder scene in Brandywine Bay and was met by police officers.

The now tearful brother told the court he said to the officers he believed his brother was in the car where the murder happened, but they did not let him through. Anthony said he went to the hill overlooking Brandywine Bay Beach and saw the officers removing his brother’s lifeless body from the vehicle.

My brother and his accused killers were ‘cool’

Anthony told the court he knew Rafael Harrigan, one of the accused, as Harrigan was his second cousin. He said Harrigan and Passion were ‘safe’ meaning they had a good relationship and always talked when they met. He also said he and Harrigan were ‘cool’. Anthony also told the court he knew the two other accused persons — Maybelline Rodriguez and Vernon Bernard. He said Bernard and his brother were also ‘cool’.

Aunt’s testimony

The next family member that took the stand was Trumayne’s aunt, Nancy Harrigan. Nancy told the court his nephew would visit him every day early in the morning to have breakfast and have hot dogs.

Nancy told the court she saw Passion around 9 pm on the 27th. He had visited her at the salon and asked her for a drink and two cups. She told the court he spent between 10 and 15 minutes as he was with someone, but the person did not enter the salon.

The aunt broke down in tears as she told the court that was the last time, she saw her nephew alive.

Mother’s testimony

Passion’s Mother Clarita ‘Clara’ Harrigan was the next family member to give testimony. She testified that her son lived with her in Paraquita Bay with her younger son Anthony and Passion’s son.

She said the last time she saw her son alive was when he was leaving to go on the road. Clarita said her son told her, ‘Mommy, I am coming right back’. Her eyes welled with tears as she told the court her son did not return home.

The mother told the court she knew Rafael Harrigan as he was family and from when he was small he was always in her house. She said Passion and Rafael got along well. She also said she knew Rodriguez from when she was small, and she and Passion went to school together. She, however, did not know the other accused, Bernard.

Mother of accused woman testifies

The court also heard testimony from Martha Rodriguez — the mother of one of the defendants, Mabelline. Martha told the court she and her daughter lived in Huntums Ghut together.

She said her daughter was working at The Moorings in customer service. Martha said on the night in question, Maybelline told her she was going to buy dinner at around 7 pm. She told the court she was sleepy as she would have to wake up early and cook lunch for her and her daughter.

Martha testified that her daughter said she would still be back. She told the court she woke up between 12 am and 1 am and her daughter had not returned. She said she called her three to four times and when she answered, there was loud music in the background.

Martha told the court Maybelline returned home at around 6 am in a taxi. She said a gentleman who worked at The Moorings dropped her, but she did not know the man’s name.

The trial is currently in its second full week and is expected to continue today. The Crown is expected to call more witnesses as it builds its case against the three accused persons.

The prosecution is led by Deputy Director of Prosecution, Kellei-Gaye Smith and assisted by Crown Counsel Kristian Johnson.

Richard Rowe represents Bernard, while Valerie Stephens Gordon and Michael Maduro represents Rodriguez and Harrigan, respectively.


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