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Sunday, Aug 01, 2021

End Of Curfews? Health Minister Certainly Thinks So

End Of Curfews? Health Minister Certainly Thinks So

On the heels of the expiration of the ongoing 2 am to 5 am curfew, Minister for Health and Social Development Hon. Carvin Malone said there may not be a need to further restrict the movements of residents.

The curfew has been in place for months despite having low figures and, at one point, no reported active COVID-19 cases.

However, the curfew, according to Statutory Instrument No. 25, which was published in the BVI’s Official Gazette on March 25, is scheduled to end today, April 8.

Minister Malone was at the time addressing some of the pros to herd immunity that residents can look forward to.

“Folks are wondering out loud basically, well you are pushing the vaccination part of it and we must, but what are the benefits that we can begin to look at when it comes to the whole vaccination?” he asked during the VIP Let’s Talk on Tuesday.

He continued: “And we have asked the health professionals to go and come back, whether it is going to be this week or next week to look at some of the measures because the second string of vaccines will be administered, starting on April 22. Because come the 22nd, I too will be wondering from the health team what can I look forward to? Because the Centre for Disease Control, for instance, has made announcements that once you have the double doses, you would not have that restriction, in terms of quarantining, you can drop your masks you can do a number of areas.”

Minister Malone said he instructed the health team to “look into terms of the elimination of quarantine time, look in terms of whether or not there’s going to be just one requirement for the PCR testing is it before you come or after you reach and no more for instance. We are going to look in terms of curfews, getting them all removed.”

He added: “In fact, that curfew order expires next week I don’t think we will have need for any more curfews, but we must keep pushing in terms of what is going to be best to continue to keep us safe.”


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