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Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

Enough blame to go around but let’s seek to fix BVI’s problems

Enough blame to go around but let’s seek to fix BVI’s problems

Former Deputy Premier under the last National Democratic Party administration, Dr Kedrick Pickering, said the BVI ‘dropped the ball’ as it relates to governance. He also said the territory is quite capable of picking it up on its own.

Dr Pickering, while appearing on the Honestly Speaking radio show, said successive governments fumbled on achieving things that should’ve happened after the 2007 constitution was implemented.

According to Dr Pickering, he was not only a part of the government at the time that the BVI‘s 2007 constitution order was introduced, but was also a part of the delegation that visited London in the United Kingdom (UK) to help negotiate the final document.

We got too comfortable

“Those of us who were in leadership positions ourselves might have gotten too comfortable with ourselves and took our eye off the ball,” he expressed.

The former Seventh District Representative also reasoned that the malaise that the BVI was currently experiencing is not simply because of the British or anyone else, but was a self-inflicted problem.

He offered a word of caution for persons who feel that the UK Governor should take over the territory and who thinks the BVI should get rid of its politicians, even for a time.

“May I dare say, be careful what you wish for in life,” Dr Pickering stated.

He said residents should not beat up on themselves and wish for things they are unsure about that may likely create greater problems down the road.

“We created these problems for ourselves. Let us find a way to make ourselves accountable and then start putting the pieces together to rebuild from it. It’s a golden opportunity for us now that we understand where we went wrong and to start doing the things that will make it right,” the former Deputy Premier said.

Not the politicians alone to be blamed, electorate too

And while stating that he would be one of the first to take the blame for any missteps made while serving in political office, Dr Pickering said it was not politicians alone that were responsible for the BVI‘s current situation.

“Those of us who are in elected office and who have been in elected office didn’t put ourselves there. We didn’t put ourselves there,“ Dr Pickering argued.

Dr Pickering said he pointed this out to emphasise that everyone needs to take responsibility for their own actions.

“Those who elected us and put us in places and things happened can’t just run and blame. You have to ask yourself, ‘did I make the right choice?’,” the former legislator said.

He argued that if this introspection is not done, the question will remain once the choice to elect persons arises once again.

“Let’s not play the blame game because we are where we are. Where do we go from here?“ Dr Pickering asked.


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