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EU Vows To Hold Putin "Accountable" After Meeting Alexei Navalny's Wife

The EU has pledged to hold Vladimir Putin responsible for the death of Alexei Navalny, as stated by the EU's foreign policy head, Josep Borrell, following a meeting with Navalny's widow, Yulia.
Navalny's passing in a northern Russian prison has stunned his supporters and the West, who blame the Kremlin.

In Brussels, after promising to continue her late husband's fight against Putin's control over Russia, Yulia Navalnaya spoke to EU ministers, receiving a standing ovation for urging stronger action against Putin's inner circle.

Amid limited options to penalize Russia further, EU ministers are considering additional sanctions, acknowledging that heavier ones may be challenging after existing sanctions related to Ukraine.

Borrell foresees proposals for new sanctions targeting those involved in Navalny's imprisonment, and plans to rename the EU's human rights sanctions list in his honor.

Germany's Foreign Minister has indicated upcoming sanctions in response to Navalny's death, while other ministers emphasize strengthening support for Ukraine. The Belgian minister highlighted the broader risks posed by Russia's actions, implying the potential impact on European security.

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