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Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023

Europe faces worst drought in 500 years

European rivers run dry as the continent reels under its worst drought in 500 years. Almost 63% of European and British lands are now on drought alert.

Jan B 1 year ago
Climate and energy issues have been known since the early 1970s. But they were ignored, motto "profit above all else and over dead bodies" (war industry profits, now updated with profits from disease). Of course with the help of corrupt regimes, which today are screaming about CO2 & N2. But nobody mentions the issue of greening the deserts, which has been technically possible for decades and would withdraw enough CO2 from the air to make a vital difference.
Oh ya 1 year ago
And at the same time countries forcing farmers cull livestock and plow crops under. Your government is not here to help you but kill you but most brain dead people can not see this.


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