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Saturday, Oct 24, 2020

‘I came here to make ends meet’– Exotic Dancer

A woman clad in skimpy clothing at a popular nightclub on Tortola said she was a part-time dancer because she had obligations that her regular job was unable to cover her obligations.

The woman, who is an expatriate, made it clear she was not a ‘stripper’ as they are usually called.

“I’m an exotic dancer, I got another job in the day time and stripping ain’t my life. I come here to make ends meet. A stripper has no means and no ends to nothing; they want to come, party, and to make fast money. I got goals, obligations,” she told our reporter on Saturday, December 28, 2019 while requesting her name not be published.

I am afraid of nothing

When asked if she was comfortable in her part-time gig, she said she is fearless.

“At first when I was 19, now I am not afraid of anything because there is nothing to be afraid of,” the woman who is at least in her 40’s said.

“As long as you have your own mindset and you are strong, there is nothing to be afraid of. People cannot influence you to do **** like take drugs or anything that you don’t feel comfortable with.”

She said she is also very firm on using protection when having sex with strangers.

“I am never too intoxicated for protection, and when my vibes tell me don’t, I don’t because I know better.”

Strip clubs a necessary evil?

It was on January 8, 2019 during the Honestly Speaking show on ZBVI 780 AM with host Mr Claude O. Skelton-Cline that Police Commissioner Michael B. Mathews was asked whether strip clubs are legitimate businesses in the Virgin Islands.

“You will have to ask the Trade Department, as I have never been asked to investigate that as a particular breach of a trade license over my three years here,” Mr Matthews had responded.

The matter had come up for discussion after Mr Skelton-Cline noted that many males on Virgin Gorda had told him that every time a strip club is opened on the Sister Island, “it is shut down by the police,” however, the same strip clubs are allowed to operate on Tortola.

Mr Skelton-Cline had wanted to understand the different rules between the Sister Islands.

Therefore, if they are closing Virgin Gorda strip clubs down, it could mean that “they are not complying with the terms of their Liquor license/club licenses as Virgin Gorda is no different to Tortola,” the Police Commissioner had responded.

Many have reasoned that strip clubs or sex houses keep the rate of rape and some domestic violence down, due to the large amount of male expatriate workers in the Territory who have left their wives or partners behind.

Critics have claimed that it is an exploitation of women, while others locally say we are a 'Christian society.'

A female police officer back in January of this year had told this news site strip clubs and sex houses, “might be a necessary evil.”


Quote of the Day

The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.

Ayn Rand
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