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Saturday, Sep 18, 2021

Eyesore! Taxi driver says BVI landscape not ready for tourists

Eyesore! Taxi driver says BVI landscape not ready for tourists

A local taxi driver said although he agrees with the implementation of safety protocols for a likely resumption of cruise tourism in the territory, his concern was about the condition of the territory’s landscape.
“I want to know if we’re going to [allow] all of these cruise passengers [to] come back here to the BVI and meet it in this condition?” the resident questioned.

“If you’re not going to clean up from East [End] to West [End] so that when they come, they will see something a little different, [what’s the point?] I drive from East to West today and it’s not a pretty sight!”

But Works Minister Kye Rymer quickly reassured the concerned resident that the issue was currently being resolved currently.

“That is a project that we have started. We’re doing the bush cutting. We are working on the road as well. So, yes, we will be prepared for when the passengers return whenever that will but that will be,” Minister Rymer stated.

Recently, Third District Representative Julian Fraser scolded Social Development Minister Carvin Malone in the House of Assembly for the derelict state of sidewalks in his community. The sidewalks were overrun by bushes.

Fraser bemoaned the fact that it prevented persons from using the sidewalk for exercise as they had been accustomed to in years prior.

At the time, Malone said the government had not abandoned the grass-cutting programme it normally undertakes but had encountered significant challenges due to staffing issues.

He said these staffing issues had significantly affected several areas of the Solid Waste Department.

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