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Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020

Fahie defends the dictatorship bill opposed by anti corruption and free-speech advocates

Fahie defends the dictatorship bill opposed by anti corruption and free-speech advocates

Despite anti-corruption and media organisations abroad strongly opposing parts of a dictatorship cybercrime bill that awaits Governor Augustus Jaspert’s assent, Premier Andrew Fahie doubled down on his support for this illegal-legislation this week.

It is absolutely OK, and very welcome to prevent bullying, character assassination and blackmail, with balanced and proportional punishment (NOT with the radical extreme dictatorship clause that could punish anyone who sends a “grossly offensive” email or text message with up to 14 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000!).

But the only way such a law can limit free expressions and speech is by excluding any content that is posted for the benefit of the public interest, such as exposing corruption and wrongdoing.

A law that limiting not only human rights but also a  good citizenship obligation, is illegal even if criminal-law-makers signed it, and should send any official that support it directly to jail.

As we all know from the international law, not every law is legal. A law that is against human right to be able to expose government corruption as well as to have free speech is a good example of an illegal law that criminalizing by default every law maker that will support it.

“I am confident that the most democratic process has taken place through the cybercrime amendment act" said Mr. Fahie about a law that is done underground, never came into the legislative process, debates and transparency, and smuggled into to Governor Augustus Jaspert office with hope that he will just stamp a law that is against all the UK and the modern world values.

If to pass a law in hidden process, without parliamentary voting and without public notice and transparency is according to Mr. Fahie a "democratic process" - what is a non democratic process?

Well... Mr. Fahie - I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said. If you pass a law that do not allow your citizens to expose without fear a governmental corruption, you should be out of your office, and go directly to jail as any other dictator that abused his power against his citizens. As simple as that.

The law must encourage and protect anybody that have information or suspicion that expose wrongdoing. This is a citizenship obligation, that is even much above the right for a free press and freedom of speech.

If any action against this supreme citizenship rights (and obligation) is taken by Mr. Fahie and/or any other officials in the BVI, this will be an abuse of power that must end up deep into where they really belong: Her Majesty's correction facility, only for as little as 14 years of basic education about democracy, citizenship rights to expose corruption and law makers obligations to protect them.


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