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Thursday, Aug 18, 2022

Fahie now released on bail, sources say

Fahie now released on bail, sources say

Highly-placed sources have informed BVI News that former Premier of the Virgin Islands, Andrew Fahie has posted his one-million-dollar bail in Miami, Florida.
When our news centre contacted Miami court officials for confirmation on Monday, June 13, we were informed that his release had not yet reflected on his file.

BVI News was told it usually takes at least 24 hours before any changes to court records become available.

Earlier this month, a Nebbia proffer was made for Fahie with the document naming local businessman Albion ‘Bobby’ Hodge as the person funding the bail.

Fahie, who was arrested in the United States on charges of drug smuggling and money laundering, was offered bail in the sum of $1,000,000 which came with a Nebbia condition attached to half of the funds.

This effectively means Fahie must disclose the source of funds used to acquire the assets used for posting bail.

Hodge’s affidavit document and its exhibits serve as evidence of the source of funds used to pay for the premium for the $500,000 corporate surety bond in place for Fahie.

In addition, the condition of the bail requires Fahie to wear an ankle monitor and his defence attorney can only visit him at his daughters’ apartment in southwest Miami-Dade County.

His family (daughters and wife) must also surrender their passports to United States officials. Fahie also cannot be found within close distance to any transportation centres including bus stops.

Fahie’s trial is expected to begin in the middle of next month.

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