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Saturday, Jun 25, 2022

Fahie’s bail offer on hold pending US prosecutor’s appeal

Fahie’s bail offer on hold pending US prosecutor’s appeal

Former Premier Andrew Fahie’s $500,000 bail offer from the United States (US) Federal Court has been put on hold.

This is because US prosecutors have filed to appeal the judge’s decision to grant the disgraced premier bail.

Fahie will remain in US custody pending the outcome of that appeal, a US court told BVI News this morning.

Judge Alicia Otazo Reyes had made the half-million-dollar bail offer in what was described as a shocking decision this past Wednesday.

BVI News understands that there is a Nebbia condition attached to the initial granting of the bond. A Nebbia condition/hearing is added when someone is charged with a federal crime and needs to post bail while the case is ongoing. During the hearing, Fahie must disclose the source funds used to acquire the assets for bail. He must convince the court that the assets were obtained with legitimate funds.

The conditions of Fahie’s now-stalled bail offer was for him surrender his passport and travel documents, refrain from visiting any transportation establishment, remain confined to the address he provided to the court and wear an ankle monitor.

Wife also under restriction, Maynard opts to remain silent

Meanwhile, BVI News was able to independently confirm that his wife, Sheila Forbes-Fahie was permitted to travel for the funeral of Fahie’s sister later this week plus conduct some work business. However, the judge said once these duties are completed, the wife must surrender her passport and travel documents.

As for Fahie’s co-accused, Ports Authority boss Oleanvine Maynard, she is still on continued temporary pretrial detention, and has not granted any bond.

A Miami court confirmed with our news centre that Maynard has invoked her right to remain silent in the face of any questioning from US law enforcement officials. The motion was filed by her attorney, Michael Caruso who is a Federal Public Defender.

Their matter is set for arraignment and for reporting regarding counsel on May 25, 2022.


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