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Fahie seeks relaxed bond conditions as trial draws near

Fahie seeks relaxed bond conditions as trial draws near

Former Premier Andrew Fahie has filed a motion before a Florida court to receive more flexible bond conditions ahead of his trial.
The former premier is facing charges of drug smuggling and money laundering along with his co-accused — former BVI Ports Authority Director Oleanvine Maynard and her son, Kadeem Maynard. The Maynards remain incarcerated ahead of the trio’s expected July trial.

In a document seen by BVI News that was filed by Fahie’s attorney, Theresa Van Vliet on Friday, April 7, Fahie petitioned the court to allow him to travel for dental appointments and increased visits to his lawyer. Van Vliet told the court that her motion was not opposed by the Prosecution.

Fahie currently has limited flexibility after a revised bail bond order only allowed him to travel for court appearances.

Conditions of the bond have meant his attorney has had to travel to his small two-bedroom apartment for client visits. But, the apartment is shared with his two daughters who are attending college. Van Vliet told the court that the size of Fahie’s residence makes confidential communication difficult, if not impossible, if either of his two daughters are at home.

Now with the trial fast approaching, the attorney told the court that even though she has been meeting at his apartment in Miami for visits since May 2022, the necessary preparation will be made much more difficult given that her office is located in Fort Lauderdale.

Fahie’s daughters sometimes leave the apartment when he has short meetings with his lawyer, but the attorney said requiring them to leave the premises for extended periods during trial preparation will be impossible given that they both attend school online.

She said trial preparation would be better served in an office replete with the necessary materials and resources, including the ability to speak freely and confidentially with his attorney.

Van Vliet said her client recently obtained permission to travel to his dentist for a root canal, and wanted additional modification on the bond order to allow for follow-up dental visits as well as attorney visits to her offices either in Miami during the trial or in Fort Lauderdale.

These visits, she explained, would be no more than three times per week, beginning around June 26, and continuing through the duration of the trial.

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