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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

Fake Views: White House Creates Video Set for Joe Biden Events

The White House has developed a special video set for President Joe Biden for events that are broadcast online or include video conferencing.
As Biden sat down in a chair and rolled up his sleeve to get his vaccine booster shot on Monday, the window behind him showed a beautiful view of the Rose Garden.

But the president was not even in the White House at all. It was all a carefully crafted illusion.

Instead he was on a new set in the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building across the street from the actual White House.

The window view of the Rose Garden appears to be a digital screen – depicting what the view could theoretically be if you looked out of the White House.

Other events show the screens depicting different outdoor views.

Photos of the set sparked online chatter about the president’s media strategy, recalling his specially constructed video set in the basement of his Delaware home during the 2020 presidential campaign.

It remains unclear why White House staff believe it is easier to create a fake White House set across the street instead of broadcasting from the actual White House building.

Oh ya 416 days ago
But in all honesty china joe does not know. His keepers let him out of the basement every so often so he can go for ice-cream and visit corn pop and everywhere he goes he hears people want to have sex with him because they are yelling buck fiden, even high school kids and we know how much he likes the youngins LOL. I see now they are going to let him a meet with the head of china but not face to face because they would eat him alive. So now his handlers can type the answers onto a screen and hope slow joe can read them aloud. I see they had about 12 chairs set up for joe when he visited the operators union teaching grounds but really he got 81 million votes
Phillip 416 days ago
That bloke is a joke. The DNC rigged the election--the world knows it. The only ones denying that fact are the libs. Jomencia Biden is the laughing stock of the world. Not one leader takes him seriously, except they do see his utter weakness and low IQ as an historic opportunity to vantage the US. It appears they are succeeding.
Maris Eshleman 416 days ago
It's not hard to know why they had to make up a fake set. Everything about this guy is fake.


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