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Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020

Families Targeted As VIP Accused Of Mob Type Bullying

Families Targeted As VIP Accused Of Mob Type Bullying

The Hon. Andrew Fahie led-administration is being accused of massive victimization and bullyism which has is now targeting families of members of the opposition.
“…Not just from the members of the government but their support base. This bullying mob type mentality that’s permeating throughout this territory,” Opposition Leader Hon. Marlon Penn said.

He added, “it’s more prevalent than before. Persons are afraid to speak out, persons are afraid to speak against anything the government is doing, fear of victimization. It has even reached members of the honorable House of Assembly and their families.”

Hon. Penn said that the latter involves him and he intends to put the relevant information to the public soon.

Hon. Melvin Mitch Turnbull, Second District Representative and Opposition Member also weighed in and said victimization is worse under this government.

“…Now you have a new administration carrying on in some cases worse than before, but now doing things to people and their family under the name this is how we are doing thing,” he said.

Hon. Penn urged residents to know their right—to hold the government accountable without fear of victimization or retribution.

“And the bully and victimization that is happening now is of grave concern to our democracy, we have to ensure as Members of the House of Assembly and opposition we have to speak out for the voiceless. Issue of the boards, where board members are getting involved in the day-to-day running of these institutions,” he stated.

The opposition leader said that he recently received a call from someone who was targeted.

“We get reports daily about the issues being faced by persons within the territory, substantiated reports within this territory in terms of victimization by this current administration. A person called me just today and they were told ‘you are probably not getting this job because you voted for Marlon’,” Penn alleged.

He added, “That is the plight of persons in this territory on a daily basis in terms of this sort of bully mentality that is happening currently with this administration."

While serving in the opposition for eight years, Hon. Fahie had criticized the former National Democratic Party (NDP) of using bullying tactics and rampant cronyism and victimization.

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