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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Fat Hog’s Bay man pleads not guilty to having intent to supply weed

Fat Hog’s Bay man pleads not guilty to having intent to supply weed

A Fat Hog’s Bay resident has put the onus on prosecutors to prove he had the intent to supply marijuana after he pleaded not guilty to the charge of possession with intent to supply.

Grashaun Audain, a 27-year-old truck driver for a local construction company, has also been charged with illegal possession of marijuana and failure to comply with a no entry sign.

He had initially pleaded guilty to all three offences but after the allegations were read, Audian said he had the marijuana in his possession, but it was not his intent to supply it to anyone and changed his plea after Magistrate Khadeen Palmer read the charges again.


According to the prosecution, on August 12, 2021, two police officers were on mobile patrol in Baughers Bay when they noticed a vehicle disobeying a one-way signal.

The driver was signalled to stop.

The court was told when the driver, Audain, exited the vehicle, he shouted ‘Lord I late, I late, give me a break’.

The court heard that the police officer requested a search and asked if he had anything illegal on him. The prosecution said the defendant told police officers he had a joint on him. It was alleged a clear plastic containing marijuana was found in his pocket to which the defendant responded he forgot about it.

The prosecution said the officers searched the vehicle and a red pouch was found on the front passenger seat to which Audian declared ownership. The court heard that inside the bag were several clear plastic bags along with marijuana. The prosecution said the marijuana was weighed and amounted to 76 grams. The court was also told approximately $1,800 was found in the front of the bag.

According to the prosecution, the police told the defendant they suspected the cash was criminal proceeds from the sale of the marijuana.

The defendant was arrested and brought to the Road Town Police Station where the court was told he refused to participate in an interview.

It was alleged Audain told officers he was guilty of the marijuana, but the money was not from selling marijuana and he needed the money.

The defendant told the court the police took the money and said he could not get it back as it was suspected to be from criminal proceeds. Audain also claimed that officers at the station gave him $100 from the money they confiscated.

The defendant was granted bail in the sum of $30,000 with one surety.

He must also report to the East End Police Station every Monday between 6 am to 12 pm. His matter was adjourned until June 22, 2022. Audain was unrepresented.


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