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Thursday, Jan 27, 2022

Fines, license suspensions coming for illegal bulk waste dumping

Minister for Health & Social Development, Carvin Malone, has promised to introduce legislation that would see fines being instituted for bulk waste dumping at unapproved garbage disposal sites in communities across the territory.
In a Facebook post made yesterday afternoon, Malone said: “The Ministry is moving immediately to legislate a $5,000 fine and suspension of license for all inconsiderate and despicable persons caught and prosecuted for illegally dumping bulk waste in this fashion.”

Malone announced the move days after a resident brought the increased incidence of illegal bulk waste dumping in the East End and Fat Hogs Bay communities to his attention in a Facebook post.

Sixth District Representative, Alvera Maduro-Caines, who also responded to the post at the time, called it sickening and said it showed a lack of national pride in persons that were involved in the illegal practice.

According to Malone, whistleblowers are to be rewarded for their efforts in the successful identification, reporting and conviction of persons found to be involved in the illegal practice.

He did not disclose the nature or quantity of the promised reward but noted that CCTV cameras will also be installed at all hotspots to assist in quelling the practice.

The Minister further stated: “Now, tell me why should this be required for persons claiming to love the BVI. The staff of Solid Waste Development clear these areas and immediately there [is] illegal dumping.”

All bulk waste is required to be sent to the Pockwood Pond disposal site for processing, but many persons have opted to flout this rule and have continued to dump bulk waste to the detriment of various communities across the territory.

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