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Monday, Aug 02, 2021

Fire medic ignites hiking renaissance on Tortola

Young business owner Joseph S. Graham is quickly making his hiking company ‘Hike BVI’ a household name in the territory.

Launched in June 2020, Hike BVI is an adventure events company and guided tour agency that specialises in creative outdoor experiences, especially on Tortola.

“One of the comments I hear often from potential bookers is that they can’t believe all of my tours are on Tortola.”

He said the mission is to make Tortola the hotspot for sight-seeing and for people to appreciate the beauty of the islands, in the same way, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost van Dyke are appreciated.

“I want people to leave those islands to come enjoy what the biggest island has to offer,” he further said.

Experienced team of hikers

At Hike BVI they offer hikes, water sports, water tours and historical tours, led by a specialised team of hikers whose experience and passion for the outdoors ensure patrons have a safe and enjoyable time.

To date, he said the company has taken over 1000 plus explorers over hills and ghuts across the island through group hikes with visitors and residents.

“I’m a fire medic at Fire and Rescue. Being a certified paramedic is what gave me the confidence to do tours, knowing I can handle any medical emergencies for hikers on my watch.”

However, while the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the business, Mr Graham told VINO that it has inspired a lot of persons to get outdoors, plus sparked positive movements in the community.

Love for the outdoors

“I have always enjoyed the outdoors and would constantly post pictures of my adventures on social media. After the COVID-19 lockdown in March, my friends who could no longer travel but were craving new activities reached out to me.”

“At first it was just fun and then I realised I could take it further by creating an entire experience for other BVI Residents and eventually tourists. On my travels to Thailand in 2018 in particular, my wife and I did two amazing tours where everything was taken care of. It was this experience that inspired the famous cold towels on my tours. We never forgot these memories,” he told VINO.

So far, Graham said the response has been incredible and has sparked an island-wide initiative with several other hikers joining forces to create one large brand.

Positive community movement

“Whether you are booking through my agency or others or just choosing to do it on your own, it has gotten people out of the house. I’m honoured I could help encourage such a positive movement in my community and the constant feedback I get continues to inspire me to be more creative with each new hike,” he said.

Graham can be reached on 441-2315 for any additional information on the company and for those looking to experience what Tortola has to offer.

No doubt Hike BVI will be busy as an alternative for tourists when the Territory reopens its borders in December.


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