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Monday, Oct 03, 2022

Fireman accuses police of dishonesty, targeting him

Fireman accuses police of dishonesty, targeting him

A local firefighter has accused the police of unfairly targeting him and lying in their testimony during his trial in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

The firefighter, Allesta Brewley, was on trial for using indecent language, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct on the premises of the Road Town Police Station on June 12, 2020.

The court heard evidence from three police officers — Fiona George, Ricardo Johnson and David Nibbs. But, during the trial, Brewley maintained the officers were dishonest as the three police testimonies did not properly align with each other.

The court was told that at approximately 9 pm, two police officers were pulling out of the police station to return to their regular patrol when they noticed a vehicle belonging to Brewley parked facing the police station.

The officers said the vehicle appeared tinted and suspicious and they stopped to inquire what business the person had at the station.

One police gave evidence that when Brewley was approached and questioned about the tint of the vehicle, he responded by saying “why you f**king harassing me”. The officer said the accused was cautioned and ordered to step out of the vehicle.

However, the court was told Brewley continued using indecent language so the police advised him he would be arrested. In trying to arrest him, the officer said the accused resisted by flailing his arms so help had to be requested from the second and third officer at the station. The court was told Brewley was eventually arrested, brought into the police station and charged.

Contrasting testimonies

The accused firefighter said the officers all had different stories in their recollections of events. During their testimonies, each officer indicated that they were the arresting officer and they had placed the handcuffs on Brewley’s hands. They all described the way in which the handcuffs were placed on his hands and how he resisted them. Each officer also demonstrated to the court how the handcuffing of the defendant was done. Officers George and Johnson told the court they searched the accused fireman but Brewley maintained only George searched him and Johnson was on the opposite side of the vehicle talking another person in the said vehicle.

Brewley also said in his testimony that he used indecent language twice, the first time at George and he was cautioned. He said the second time he used it, he whispered it to Nibbs since he knew him previously and the handcuffs were hurting his wrist and shoulder. His account of this was corroborated by Nibbs. The defendant said George heard him use indecent language and that’s when he was told he was under arrest.

Person of interest?

The accused man also indicated to the court he was at the police station seeking some information as one of his family members had been arrested. He said when the police approached him, one of the officers told him a call came from management that he was possibly a person of interest in an incident. He also indicated that Officer George reached into his car, turned off the ignition and took the keys out before ordering him to exit the vehicle.

Brewley told the court that after he was arrested, there was a search warrant executed on his premises later that night. He said he was not given a valid reason for the search of his premises as he was only arrested for indecent language, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

However, the police officers maintained Brewley was approached because of the tints on his car windows and the fact the car was parked in the police station parking lot for more than five minutes without anyone emerging from the vehicle.

The matter was adjourned to February 24 at which time the court is expected to deliver a verdict.


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