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Friday, Nov 27, 2020

Flax-Charles' tourism expertise will bolster the trade and business portfolio, Fahie claims

Flax-Charles' tourism expertise will bolster the trade and business portfolio, Fahie claims

While providing a rationale on why he had junior ministers Shereen Flax-Charles and Sharie de Castro abruptly swap portfolios, Premier Fahie has said he believes they both offer a fresh dimension of thinking to their respective new portfolios.

In a public statement on Tuesday, November 26, the Premier announced that Flax-Charles was reassigned to Junior Minister for Trade and Economic Development portfolio, while de Castro was reassigned as the new Junior Minister for Tourism, effective Monday, November 25.

Premier Fahie claimed the move is a “capacity building” exercise to mould the junior ministers into becoming better legislators in the future.

‘Tourism expertise good for business portfolio’

He said he believes the experience Flax-Charles has in tourism can be channelled to the business sector in a new light to boost that area.

“There is an opportunity to get tourism expertise at this time within the trade and economic agenda. Honourable Flax-Charles comes with experience in tourism that will help to bolster our business development sector through the lens of tourism,” Fahie stated.

He further said, “We want to ensure that our business community is providing the right product offering as a destination and jurisdiction or that they are creating businesses that help to encourage and attract products and services that are of interest to visitors and residents.”

‘DeCastro will bring business innovation to tourism industry‘

As for de Castro, Fahie said he believes she will strike a balance in her new junior minister role.

“Honourable DeCastro will bring business development, integration, and innovation into the tourism industry. She can help to create a balance between the tourism sector and business sector from a trade and innovative perspective.”

Fahie further said he believes unconventional approaches are needed to help the government achieve its overall goal.

“The overall objective is to strengthen all areas of the economy and to ensure that business, tourism, trade and commerce drive a new green BVI where there is economic expansion and economic diversification, thereby leading to the creation of jobs, entrepreneurs, and strong BVI,” he said.

Fahie’s announcement of the reassignment came shortly have a BVI News report that Flax-Charles was effectively becoming ‘too vocal’ in the tourism portfolio for which Fahie is the senior minister.


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