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Monday, Apr 19, 2021

Flow’s mobile customer base dips by nearly 8K since COVID

Flow’s mobile customer base dips by nearly 8K since COVID

Since the advent of COVID-19 in the BVI early last year, local telecommunications provider Flow has lost nearly 8,000 of its mobile subscribers.
Country Manager for Flow, Ravindra Maywahlall said such a massive haemorrhaging of business is “primarily because quite a bit of individuals left the territory”.

“According to my records, it’s somewhere close to 7,500 individuals,” he told members of the media recently.

Maywahlall, however, said the telecoms company is doing much better as it relates to customers who utilise Flow’s fixed connectivity broadband service.

He said this area performs better because, among other things, schools are largely closed for face-to-face classes.

“Because of the importance of the internet for the kids’ schooling, for individuals to work from home and whatever the case might be, we have seen a constant month-on-month improvement where that is concerned,” the Flow Country Manager stated.

Notwithstanding the loss of business in some areas, Maywahlall said Flow made dramatic cuts to its rates to persons seriously hit by the pandemic financially.

“I think one of the things we did early last year; if you are a customer with us, we offered — if you’re having financial struggles — we reached out to you with developed plans as low as $35 and even free in some instances to keep customers connected because at the end of the day we are all going through this struggle together,” Maywahlall stated.

He was speaking at a recent press conference where Flow announced the introduction of faster internet speeds as well as family-type plans to locally-based consumers.

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