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Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020

Former Attorney General urges local lawyers to volunteer more

Former Attorney General urges local lawyers to volunteer more

Queen’s Counsel and former Attorney General Dancia Penn-Sallah has called on lawyers operating in the British Virgin Islands to volunteer more of their time to the communities where they live.

Penn-Sallah made the call while delivering an address at the ceremony to mark the start of the New Law Year on Monday.

She said: “The strength of our bar is its diversity. We are from all over the world and we are from all different kinds of legal systems. I believe that this is a great strength; an asset. I would like us to do more of an outreach for the many needs in this community.”

“There is a lot of injustice, there is a lot of people who come through the legal system. Some don’t even go through the court because they can’t get there and I am not advocating that we become a charitable institution, but I am advocating that we do more in that role that we have as lawyers to the public.”


The veteran attorney also called on her colleagues to mentor youngsters and up-and-coming lawyers.

“We can do a great deal in mediation. That is something I am strongly committed to, and I would like to urge especially the younger lawyers at the bar to embrace the opportunities,” Dancia Penn Sallah said.

“I think as a profession, we can do a great deal to help promote access to justice, help the court with its limited resources and help to preserve relationships by helping members of the public to understand and to buy into the importance of mediation and we can continue to earn our income even in that process,” she added.


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