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Wednesday, Nov 29, 2023

Former First Lady added to NDP list as At-Large candidate

Former First Lady added to NDP list as At-Large candidate

Former First Lady Lorna Smith said she has decided to contest the upcoming elections with the National Democratic Party (NDP).
Smith, who declared her interest recently as an independent Territorial At-Large candidate, said in a recent release that she felt the party’s policies are more closely aligned with her beliefs.

After declaring her candidacy, the former First Lady said she was overwhelmed and encouraged by the strong level of support she received.

And while conceding that previous NDP governments may not have been perfect, she explained that there was a fundamental issue behind her decision to join forces with the NDP.

“As all of you know, I am my own person, and while I have my own opinions and beliefs, I believe that we must come together to protect the future of the Virgin Islands,” Smith said. “Our next government and all its elected officials must share fundamental and core beliefs for our country.”

The former First Lady — whose husband, Dr D Orlando Smith, was once leader of the NDP –stated that her interest lay in the continued advancement of the territory and contended that no one will work harder to achieve this goal. According to Smith, under previous NDP administrations, the territory was able to advance significantly.

“I know the Chairman and members of the NDP encourage, respect, and value independent thought among NDP members. I have always maintained my own voice. With your support, that will not change.”

When she declared her candidacy, Smith offered five areas of focus where she pledged to dedicate her efforts, including youth development, the economy, crime, climate change and financial services.

She expressed that this pledge will receive no less importance now that she has come under the NDP banner.

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