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Sunday, Nov 27, 2022

Former Labour Minister Seeks To Assure Constituents

Former Labour Minister Seeks To Assure Constituents

Former Labour Minister, Hon. Vincent Wheatley has asserted that he would not be compromising the accomplishments achieved in relation to the Lands Distribution Programme, Environmental Protection nor the policies that have transformed the Ministry of Labour and Immigration.
These statements are in response to the reassignment of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Labour and Immigration to Hon. Melvin Turnbull, a member of the Opposition.

Hon. Wheatley, who is also the representative for the 9th District took to social media to assure his constituents.

“What I will not sacrifice, is the significant progress we have made in establishing a Lands Distribution Programme, Environmental Protection initiatives, continued reform in Labour and Immigration and the many other things we were able to accomplish for the people of this territory,” Hon. Wheatley stated.

He also sought to dispel what he referred to as “unfounded” and “reckless” rumours that are in circulation about the reason behind the reassignment of the ministry he formerly held.

He concluded his Facebook post by stating that “with God’s grace and the unity of the people, I will continue to do my best to continue the transformation that we started together just a few years ago”.

In giving an update on the bi-lateral discussions between members of the Government and U.K Minister for Overseas Territories, the Rt. Hon. Amanda Milling, and His Governor John Rankin , Hon. Wheatley noted that they were constructive and productive.

Hon. Whealtey also informed the public that government officials have been attending meetings around the clock, in relation to the recommendations proposed by Commissioner Sir Gary Hickinbottom in the Commissioner of Inquiry (CoI) report. However, within his update, he said that during these critical political times, where the people of the Territory are experiencing anxiety, confusion and anger, persons should be cautious about their words and ensure that they are “well thought out”.

“I know many persons, especially in my District, that are feeling disappointed and angry at the proposed Unity Government, which is understandable. I have pledged my full support to doing whatever is deemed necessary to protect the future of these Virgin Islands,” Hon. Wheatley shared.

He reiterated that the overall well being and the future of the Virgin Islands must be prioritized above all else, and that he was willing to commit to any decision that would achieve this objective.

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