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Saturday, Jun 25, 2022

Former Premier deemed a ‘severe flight risk’ - US prosecutors

Former Premier deemed a ‘severe flight risk’ - US prosecutors

United States (US) prosecutors have deemed the now-disgraced former Premier, Andrew Fahie, a severe flight risk, particularly since his removal from office in the BVI.

The former Premier was arrested on charges of drug smuggling and money laundering in Miami, Florida nearly three weeks ago.

In the court document seen by BVI News, prosecutors reiterated much of their initial arguments put forward to prevent Fahie from being granted his pre-trial liberty. Namely, they argued he is a danger to the community, a serious flight risk, and has demonstrated a proclivity to act above the law, among other things.

Bond conditions simply inadequate

But since his removal from office, prosecutors have decided to use this as an added reason to maintain his pre-trial detention.

Given the sentence that Fahie is facing, prosecutors said ‘his clear contempt for the rule of law, his criminal contacts, and his ability to travel internationally’, the bond imposed by the Judge is entirely inadequate to ensure his future appearance at court.

Prosecutors further argued that the money that would have to be paid on the bond – between $50,000 – $75,000 – is ‘absolutely inadequate’ to ensure his appearance when he has significantly more assets available, both in cash and property.

According to the prosecution, that amount of money would be a drop in the bucket for Fahie, especially considering the fact that he has allegedly admitted to losing out on $7.5 million from prior criminal activity.

“If [Fahie] lost that much on criminal deals gone south, imagine how much he must have available from the deals where he was paid according to plan,” prosecutors argued.

Daughters are temporal residents, online college students

Meanwhile, another bond condition for Fahie was that he remain in South Florida where his daughters currently reside and are attending school.

Prosecutors have argued that this bond condition is similarly unconvincing.

They said while his daughters live in South Florida, they are attending college online in Pennsylvania and this provides no firm ties to the area.

“The very nature of the proposed residence is temporary, and the daughters can attend online school from anywhere in the world,” prosecutor said. “There is simply no strong tie to this area that would compel the defendant’s presence.“

One snipped ankle monitor away from freedom

Finally, and most problematic the court document said, the bond order limiting travel would provide almost no deterrence for Fahie.

Prosecutors argued that while such an order would carry weight with many, Fahie has repeatedly emphasised that the laws do not apply to him.

Prosecutors alleged that Fahie was corrupt and does not follow the law, even though he was in a position where the utmost propriety was demanded.

They said this is especially worrisome given the actions of outside individuals seeking to procure his freedom from prosecution.

According to prosecutors those efforts only compound concerns that Fahie, aided by others, will once again flout the rule of law and choose flight instead.

“The defendant has previously discussed the criminal use of private jets and watercraft. He has criminal fixers and smugglers in his orbit. If released, he is one snipped ankle monitor away from disappearing forever,” prosecutors argued.


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