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Friday, Sep 30, 2022

Fraser mum on ‘unimportant’ special committee for Willock

Fraser mum on ‘unimportant’ special committee for Willock

The senior legislator in the House of Assembly (HOA) Julian Fraser remains mum about the special committee set up to examine the payment of legal fees accrued by Willock in the High Court.
Fraser, who is a part of the three-member special committee along with Minister of Natural Resources Vincent Wheatley and Fourth District Representative Mark Vanterpool, refused to answer any questions surrounding the meeting of the committee.

“This country will be better off if we concentrate more on matters that are important to people like the incinerator not working, the people not getting water,” Fraser said in addressing the question.

“These issues where the government goes out to get persons to fill a position that can easily be filled here. We are here to look out for people and those are the kinds of questions and issues I am prepared to address from here on in. The mundane, they’ll take care of themselves,” the veteran legislator continued.

Fraser said there is a process that HOA committees must follow and the decisions made by the committee must be reported to the House.

“[Decisions] are not made public by committee or committee members. You’ll know what happens when the House meets, and they divulge that information to the public. You just have to wait,” Fraser said.

Last week, Premier Andrew Fahie denied any knowledge of a likely reporting date for a decision made by the special committee. The Premier had pushed for the committee to be established three months ago. And at the time, he said the committee had two months to meet and decide if Willock acted in the interest of the House when he filed a costly court injunction against three attorneys attached to the Commission of Inquiry.

It was Premier Fahie, who told reporters when questioned on the same issue in early December, “the committee should start to get running very soon, it is already in place.”

At the time, the Premier disclosed that no work had been done by the committee so far.

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